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Michael A. Mack is the Owner/Operator of Corinth Construction.

What We Do

My past projects include both remodeling, new construction and project management. With over 10 years experience in Real Estate, my licenses include Real Estate Brokerage, Contracting, and Home Inspection.  I've seen the pitfalls of traditional home construction and poor quality workmanship. After completing hundreds of renovations both large and small nationwide; I'm driven to building better by utilizing the latest products at the most reasonable rate possible.

-Michael A. Mack, Owner


Our Method

We've developed a method to build a stronger more energy efficient home. While many builders sacrifice quality for profit; Corinth Construction uses durable, innovative, and long-lasting products. Today, building products are higher quality and easier to install. These labor savings helps us to provide better quality materials for our Client's projects.  Some of our homes include light gauge steel wall framing instead of wood as well as quality wall insulation solutions for comfort and lower energy bills. We use ultra-durable, water proof luxury vinyl flooring and insulated damp proofed foundations to ensure dry, comfortable basements.  

Our Mission:

Working with you, the Customer, ethically and honestly.

Produce a quality product that looks and functions as intended at a reasonable cost to you.

We build better, because it's the right thing to  do.


Why Choose Us?

We work with homeowners and designers to produce work we think you'll love. Quality materials and a systematic approach provides better workflow that reduces confusion between trades.  By utilizing technology, we reduce many of the frustrations often experienced during complicated projects.

 Call us today and bring our project management skills and construction experience to your next project!

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